The days are longer, the weather is great and there's a high probability your anniversary is this month. What better time to rekindle your relationship? 

  • 1

    Agree to let the other one teach you their hobby

    Go golfing or fishing together, quilt together or get pedicures together. For a limited time, agree to do join them on their favorite hobby, then switch.

  • 2

    Go for long drives together

    Schedule a babysitter for 4 hours and go get a milkshake in Mattawa, walk through the museum and vineyard at Mary Hil or go have dinner in Walla Walla.

  • 3

    Work on a puzzle together

    If one of you doesn't like puzzles, let them pick the music and beverage.

  • 4

    Go for long walks together

    You both need the exercise anyway. Instead of hiring a babysitter, find a couple to "trade" with. One of you goes and sits at their house after bedtime and reads a book/watches TV while they walk, and later in the week one of them will come to your house and sit while you go walking.

  • 5

    Take a bath together on date night

    Get the bubbles and some appropriate beverages and relax in hot water together.

  • 6

    Rent a tandem bike, kayak or canoe

    Doing an outside activity is enjoyable, but one that requires you to work together is a special experience. You'll get frustrated at first, and wonder if it was a good idea, but once you get the teamwork down it'll be more rewarding than just cycling together, or kayaking in two boats.

  • 7

    Hold hands while driving

    It sounds sappy, and one of you might resist at first, but on date night it's a really important bonding thing.

  • 8

    Every 24 hours AT LEAST give a hug

    Give a kiss, and a hug and a kiss, but AT LEAST give a hug every 24 hours.

  • 9

    Take time to sit outside together

    Use a fire pit, stare at the stars, drag kitchen chairs to the porch for a beverage... whatever it takes, SIT OUTSIDE TOGETHER as often as you can. There's something really relaxing and bonding about it.

  • 10

    Do a garden together

    For this to improve your relationship you need to have a set time each day or week to work on it together. If you start it together, but then only one waters it or weeds it then it won't have the same result. You must both be tending the garden at the same time.