Wow, it's crazy to think 10 years have gone by since the following list was released and/or ended. Doesn't it make you feel old?

1. Destiny's Child final album 'Fulfilled' turns 10 in 2014.

Frank Micelotta

2. The movie 'Dodgeball' was released in 2004.

3. 'Mean Girls' aka Lindsey Lohan in her normal days. One of my favorite movies.

6. Britney Spears 'Toxic'.

Bruno Vincent

7. Ashlee Simpson walks off the stage after getting caught lip synching on SNL.

8. Usher's big 2004 summer hit 'Yeah'.

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

9. The TV show 'Friends' ended it's ten year run and had it's finale in 2004.

10. 'Phil of the Future'