The Hot 97.5 Morning Show with AJ and Leah started this morning. It was a blast if you missed it. Don't miss it again: every weekday morning 6 to 10 a.m. Leah is shy, so allow me to introduce her.

1. She has a real, live pet tiger named Tiger.

2. Her great-great uncle was Ritchie Valens

3. She's been in radio since she was 16.

4. She refused to talk on the air the whole first year of her career -- REFUSED

5. She's never had a serious relationship.

6. She thinks she has a beer belly.

7. She's addicted to Tapatio's -- she loves it on Doritos.

8. She can throw a baseball like a champ. She's ridiculously athletic, really. She could have played college sports somewhere had she wanted to. She surprised the hell out of me when she threw a baseball at me the first time.

9. She almost never wears socks.

10. Her co-host makes up stuff about her. Can you tell what's real and what's made up?