We've done 10 things you don't know about Leah, AJ and DjSco so now it's time for Pete. And unlike the other three, everything you're about to read is 100 PERCENT TRUE! Pete has no idea how interesting his life is but you're about to find out.

1. Pete went to kid rehab.

He didn't do anything; his parents just felt it was a good move in his emotional development. He learned to cook and eat vegetables right out of their can, not to ask intrusive questions and how to tell if a girl is good crazy or just crazy.

2. All his favorite sport teams represent cities he's never lived in.

St. Louis Rams, Baltimore Orioles, Calgary Flames and Portland Trailblazers. The reason he loves these teams has more to do with childhood memories and relationships than any geographic affiliation.

3. Pete wants to be Canadian.

Not really. He's very patriotic, but he has a greater appreciation and respect for Canadian sports than the average red-blooded American male.

4. He grew up on a Pacific Island.

His dad had a cool job with the government of American Samoa and so he attended the first grade there. Apparently it was nothing like Whale Rider or Gilligan's Island.

5. He spends all his free time playing the Xbox I lent him after his apartment was robbed. He loves Injustice.

6. His favorite video game franchise is NHL Sports.

7. His grandfather taught the Beach Boys biology in high school.

8. He's old enough to drink but he still doesn't drive.

9. He goes everywhere on a long board.

10. No tattoos.

Bonus: His birth name is actually Pete -- not Peter.