If you've ever laughed at the hit book, "Go the **** to Sleep" you know the challenge of getting a child to sleep. Here are 10 fantastic tips from real parents.

  • 1

    A weighted blanket

    They're supposed to have a calming influence on children.

  • 2

    Play Outside Around Sunset

    Allow children to absorb natural light and their brains to adjust to the natural rhythms of seasonal changes. Artificial light can interfere with their ability to recognize when they should get tired.

    David De Lossy
  • 3

    Read "The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep

    It's as much for you as it is for them. This book by a Swedish scientist gives great tips for preparing the body for sleep.

    Andrew Kirk
  • 4

    Magnesium supplements

    This mineral is important for sleep.

    Grata Victoria
  • 5

    Passion Fruit Juice

    This is what Brazilians give their children to help them sleep.

    Ethan Miller, Getty Images
  • 6

    Cherry Juice

    Getty Images, Handout
  • 7

    No sugar or carbs after dinner + protein before bed

    Regulating blood sugar levels helps kids fall asleep and stay asleep.

  • 8

    Touch their faces lightly

    Most children relax immediately when lightly stroked on their faces. If that doesn't work, try rolling them on their tummy and rubbing their back.

  • 9

    Essential Oils

    Lavender, Marjoram, Peppermint and Eucalyptus are particularly recommended.

  • 10

    Allow them to read themselves to sleep

    Depending on whether it's age appropriate advice for your child (you decide) if none of the above work you may just need to get them a soft touch lamp and allow them to look at pictures or read until they feel sleepy. Sometimes the best you can do for someone is make a sleep-welcoming environment. You can't force sleep on someone.

    Larisa Lofitskaya