I saw one of these on my wife's Facebook and it melted my heart. These kids are so cute and Gaston is so talented! What fun!

"While in Walt Disney World in Florida, I happened to catch a very funny moment between the villain Gaston (from Beauty and the Beast) and a very determined little girl. Gaston does meet and greets by his tavern in Fantasyland and I highly suggest taking time to meet him. He is always really funny!"

"We were just having fun and I thought a person or two might get a chuckle out of it. When my brother and I go to the Disney parks (which we love), one of our goals every time we enter is to make someone's day, even if it's just one person. Hopefully we've been able to do that on a little larger scale; and, hopefully again, in a way of which Walt would be proud."

"I visited Magic Kingdom. At which point I wandered off in New Fantasyland and...um...found Gaston! Shhh don't tell Richard... ;)"

From "Beaglerun2"

"DisneyBlondie and friends serenading Gaston with his song, followed by DisneyBlondie being rejected because of her love for Kristoff. And the fact that she's only 13."
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"My what a guy....chatting with Gaston and comparing muscles!"

"So I was in Disney a few days ago and we went to meet Gaston in New Fantasyland. My friend decided to challenge Gaston to an arm wrestling match. Well let's just say Gaston ended up getting quite the surprise. After accidentally slapping him, my friend felt really bad. After this we went to see Philarmagic. Before it started though she got a piece of paper and pen and wrote an apology letter. She went back and when he looked at it he said "ew words" and handed it to a cast member. She is now scared that every single cast member now knows that Gaston was slapped by her."

"Belle & Gaston chatting about life, hunting, and talking candlesticks."

"My first encounter with Gaston at Disney World's Fantasyland in Orlando, Florida."

"Explore the Magic!" interviews the one and only, Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. He shares some "insightful" thoughts, and tips for the gentlemen."

"Taking pictures with Gaston, at new Fantasyland, this dude sure is entertaining."