You may have noticed we have several new contests where you enter by subscribing to our Youtube channel ( You may have asked yourself why anyone would subscribe to any Youtube channel. As a matter of fact, subscribing is really cool. Here are 11 channels that would grace your inbox if you subscribed. Imaging going about your business when a delightful message alerts you to the presence of a super cool new video! What kind of super cool videos? Read on:

CGP Grey: It’s like having a teacher who only teaches cool stuff and you’ll never be bored.
Ashens: A British guy having way too much fun doing British guy stuff.
MKBHD: A super smart review of techy products
BroScienceLife: This guy is a walking Jersey Shore episode and you’ll LOVE him for it.
Regular Car Reviews: Something everyone who will ever buy a car should watch.
The Slow Mo Guys: This is my guilty pleasure. Stuff blowing up in slow motion.
Zefrank1: This is a professional poet/performance artist who considers each Youtube video a work of art.
Screen Junkies: The people who make “Honest Movie Trailers”
YourMovieSucksDOTorg: more funny stuff about movies.
Jaboody Dubs: Crazy stuff. You’ll see.
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