I know I know. Most of the time these end of the year posts are nostalgic and fun and focus on the best of a year. But let's get real, 2016 could have been a LOT better. My personal life was actually pretty good, strangely enough. But the general public felt the loss of so many musicians, actors, and other celebrities many of whom hit home. Yes, the death of a famous person doesn't hold the weight of losing someone close to us, but let's face it, we still feel loss when talent leaves us.

So this is my tribute to those in the public eye that we lost this year. There were so many I had to narrow it downs to the ones I feel had the most impact. If I missed anyone, I'm sorry. Let's take the time to honor their contributions and use them to inspire a better 2017 and beyond. PS if you don't know who any of these artists are, Google them, or ask your parents! ;)