Memorial Day is first a foremost, an important American holiday. But it's also a three-day weekend which gives us a chance to have one extra day away from work (well, most of us). And while others will be camping, hiking, and enjoying the out doors, the rest of us will cuddle up with a blanket, snacks, and the boob tube! Here are some ideas for a great indoor stay-cation! Whether movies, TV shows, or documentaries are your thing, here is a list of indoor entertainment that will keep you busy all weekend. Some on Netflix, and others not, this list is a sure-fire way to have the most fun, with the smallest amount of effort (and money) Enjoy!

  • 1

    Star Wars Movie Fest

    Watch the original three Star Wars films back to back. You CAN do the prequels, but they just aren't as good. For the super hard core, watch all 6 in order and look for all the discrepancies. No, they aren't on Netflix, but everyone needs to watch all the in a row at some point in their lives. Buy them, they're cheap.

  • 2

    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

    If you need silly, mindless fun check out Kimmy. It's completely ridiculous, and totally addictive. If you want to forget about the world and just laugh for a few hours, check this out!

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    If you want crazy family drama, and you've had enough of your own, watch this show set in the Florida Keys. They'll make your fam seem normal. Plus Season 2 is about to come out, so you'll be all ready to see the craziness continue. Total guilty pleasure show!

    Courtesy of Neftlix
  • 4

    House of Cards

    If you're sick of all the political mess right now, think of this: Frank Underwood could be your President. For better of for worse, he's evil and fun to watch. Kevin Spacey is amazing. The new season is out, so watch from the beginning, or catch up. Either way, this show is genius!

    Paul Morigi
  • 5

    Making a Murderer

    You've probably heard at least 3 people at your office discussing this show. That's because it's CRAZY. Take the time to watch this documentary, even if you're not a documentary person. It's more like watching Law and Order, but you know, it's real! It will keep you guessing for sure.