We live in a great state! But there are some struggles that everyone in Washington can totally understand. Some fun, and some just annoying, but if you're from the Evergreen state you can TOTALLY relate!


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    Having to Explain Washington STATE When You Travel

    If you've every traveled you know that when you say that you're from Washington, people assume D.C. Nope, there's a whole state called Washington, and it's awesome. (Plus we're WAY nicer than those D.C. people!)

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    Being a Lifetime Seahawks Fan But...

    Ever since the Seahawks started getting better and better, yes, they have gotten new fans. HOWEVER, the lifetime fans are sick of being called bandwagon fans just because other people just started paying attention to them. Sorry, I've been a 12 since before 12's was a thing.

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    You're From Washington? I love Twilight!

    We're very proud that many movies are filmed in our fine state, but come on. There are no sparkly vampires in Forks, and no, I've never run in to Christian Grey. (Sasquatch is real, though).

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    Rain, sun, wind, idiot drivers... whatever the cause, it seems there is ALWAYS road work going on. And it takes FOREVER to complete! From Seattle to Kennewick, you will run in to road work pretty much all year round. What's up with this anyway?

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    Seattle is a City, Washington is a STATE

    You're from Washington? Cool! Have you been to the first Starbucks? Do you shop at Pike Place Market? What's the view from the Space Needle like? Once people know you're from Washington, they assume you're from Seattle. Don't get me wrong, Seattle is great but it's ONE CITY in the gorgeous state of Washington. And no, I don't live there.

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    Cougars vs. Huskies

    WSU = Cougars. UW = Huskies. You need to learn this. We take our college sports teams pretty seriously in this state!