Tonight, people all over the world are going to see Jurassic World for the first time and I am one of those people. I saw the original in high school and was blown away! Here are some facts about the new movie "Jurassic World" that might blow YOU away just as much.


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    It's release is exactly 22 years to the day after Jurassic Park

    The original Jurassic Park was released on June 11, 1993, exactly 22 years to the day as Jurassic World! I still remember how amazing that movie was back then. It was the first time dinosaurs seemed real to me.

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    The director is an inexperienced comedy director

    The director, Colin Trevorrow, is an inexperienced comedy director. It’s only his second real movie (the first was an indie flick) and his first action movie. But if you like Jurassic World, you may be excited to learn he’s been tapped to do a remake of the 1980s hit “Flight of the Navigator.”

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    The screen writers are married

    The screenwriters are the husband-and-wife team who wrote the “Planet of the Apes” remakes/prequels. This couple is also working on “Avatar 3.” The third screenwriter is the directors comedic writing partner.

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    Only one actor from the original is in Jurassic World

    The only actor from the original “Jurassic Park” to appear in the new film is B.D. Wong, who played the lead genetic scientist who explains in the tour how the DNA splicing works.

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    New super dinosaur symbolizes cooperate greed

    Director Col Trevorrow says the super hybrid dinosaur is symbolic of consumer and corporate excess. The hybrid dinosaur embodies all of mankind’s bad tendencies.

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