It seems like we wait all year for the magical time known as The Holidays, so it's no wonder when they're over, we can feel a bit down. Here are some ways to get over the post Christmas Blues.

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    Get Active

    Let's be honest, you've spent more time eating and couch sitting than you really should. We all have! That's one of the great things about this time of year. But now it's time to brush the crumbs off our clothes, get up and get moving! Get back to the gym, find a new yoga class, or just take a walk! You'll be surprised how just getting your body moving and grooving will lift your spirits!


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    Get Organized

    You've got to put the Christmas (or Hanukkah) decorations away anyway, so why not take the time to spruce up your place? File old papers, get finances in order, change the bedding, re-arrange furniture. Making your home feel new and improved will rub off on you too! And if nothing else, you'll get rid of some old crud you've had lying around.

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    Get Social

    The holidays are typically about family, so a lot of times our friends get neglected. Make time for your buddies! You'll be happy to see each other, and hey, misery loves company! You're probably not the only one feeling down, and the best medicine can be talking and hugging it out with friends.

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    Be Creative

    Sure you may have been cooking and baking up a storm, but take some time to be creative in other ways. Paint, sew, craft, draw, write! Find a creative outlet to express yourself and keep your mind busy! Your blues are in your head, so keep it working to avoid obsessing. Use all that energy in a positive way, and you'll end up with some scarves, paintings, or other crafty things to

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    Make Plans

    Yes, the holidays are over, but a wise person once said "every ending is a new beginning.." Or something like that. You've got so much on the horizon including a new year, so start making plans! Think about what you haven't gotten done, places you want to go, goals you want to reach, people you want to see, health goals. Make realistic plans for your future. Take your focus off what's past and move forward in a positive manner with some seriously awesome plans ahead!