A few blogs back I talked about my family gatherings and how we love to get together on nice Sunday evenings and play Volleyball. For these gatherings, I usually will invite a few friends over to play a couple of games. What friends of mine sometimes fail to realize, is just how competitive and how serious the game is taken by everyone. Let me enlighten you and tell you how you can tell if you are not wanted on a team.

  1. If nobody passes you the ball.
  2. If the ball is coming directly to you and someone jumps in front of you to hit the ball.
  3. If everyone complains every time you don't make the ball over the net.
  4. If you don't hit the ball over the net and everyone on your team gives each other a frustrated look.
  5. When picking teams, you're the last one chosen and yet someone still complains if you HAVE to be on their team.

This may sound harsh but it's all true, that's how intense these games get.

Ryan Pierse