Guys, let me just say that a woman will determine whether she's into you or not simply by the way you approach her.

The way you approach a woman says a lot about you. Here are a couple ways guys have failed to approach me:

1. 'Ay girl'- Do not try to catch my attention by calling me 'Ay girl'. Sounds kiddish and like your baggy pants and snap-back need fixing.

2. If you look like you're 10 years old-- Not literally, but there's always younger boys looking to catch a girl's attention. Nothing wrong with that, but approach girl who is closer to your age. I love the courage but trust me, it'll save you the rejection lol.

3. If you look like you're 80 years old-- Not literally, but I have been approached by men who look like they can be my father and try to 'spit game'. Thank you, but no thank you. Let's be honest, it makes most of us women feel uncomfortable when this happens.

4. Small talk- You have just destroyed all potential in becoming my friend by small talking. I absolutely hate small talk. It calls for awkward silences/moments and it only means that we have nothing interesting to talk about. Have something interesting to say and we can keep an interesting conversation going.

5. Walking away from someone who just turned you down then approaching me- Can you say, thirsty much? I see this quite often. After a girl says 'No' to you, to either dancing or simply chatting with you, do not approach the girl RIGHT next to her to see if she'll give you a shot and if she isn't interested either, approach the girl RIGHT next to her again. Big no no!

If you've done this are you're reading this, take no offense (I don't date boys anyway), just trying to help ya out! There's certain things you just shouldn't do though, these are some examples.