Sure it's the biggest American sporting event of the year! Sure the commercials can be great! Sure the half time show might be legit! And hate the Puppy Bowl is really cute! But believe it or not there are some people who really don't care about the big game. If you're one of those people there are some really cool things you can do during the game that normally would have a crowd, but due to the fact that everyone's at a bar or home eating wings and drinking beer, they're virtually empty. Here's a list of the best things to do if you're not watching the game!

1. Go to a movie.  No one will be there,  you'll have the theater practically to yourself.

2. Go shopping. Again, very few people will be at the mall while the big game is on. Shop without the hassle of a crowd. No lines!

3. Go outside. I know what a novel concept: getting off the couch and taking a hike or just a walk by the river. Again no one will be around so you can get great photos or just enjoy a peaceful day.

4. Take a drive.  Along with the get outside concept, "drive out of the city away from the crowds." (Good idea, Taylor Swift.) You'll be one of very few cars on the road. Go explore a new neighborhood, or get out of the city altogether. Driving with no traffic is SO nice.

5. Just watch something else. Catch up on a show you're behind on via Netflix, or see an old classic. Just because the rest of the country is watching football, it doesn't mean you have to.

6. Snuggle. Yeah, spend time with your sweetie, pets or kids. Snuggling, kissing,  playing, or just talking; it's good to get some face-time in with those you love. Furry or not.