Sometimes life becomes hard and it is tough to just get out of bed. If you are having a hard time with life, then you might be depressed. Don't worry about it because there are things you can do to feel better. First go get help and talk to a counselor because they are trained to help, but there are other things you can do yourself that can help pull you out of the rut your in.

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    Make To-Do Lists

    Create To-Do Lists every single day, even for simple stuff like checking email and buying a soda. Completing to-do lists feels great.

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    Go Buy a Pet

    Get a pet. Having someone/something that requires you to get out of bed and take care of and interact with is incredibly helpful.

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  • 3

    Take a hot shower

    Make yourself take a shower, maybe two a day. It forces you to get out of bed or off the couch and do something that feels good.

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    Be around people who love you

    Invite people over to watch a movie when you feel at your worst. When they show up, you’ll feel better, even if you don’t think it will help.

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    Seek professional help

    Find a therapist you like. Most people drop out of treatment because they don’t like their therapist. It must be a good personality match. Keep looking until you find “the one”… for you.

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  • 6

    Play some video games

    Unless too much video game playing is causing your depression, start playing video games. It gives you a (false) sense of accomplishment and purpose, but sometimes that’s enough to kick your mood.

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    Identify and fix the main problem

    If your depression is caused by a problem or situation (it’s temporary and not part of a life-long illness), address that problem, don’t try to work through it or ignore it. If you need to grieve over a loss of a person or relationship, take the time off work. If you need to fight your way out of unemployment or a bad relationship, make the change.

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