For the most part, women tend to be easier to shop for than men. But sometimes the guys need a little reminder when it comes to gift giving. If you want to make the lady in your life smile this holiday season (your mom, sister, or wife/girlfriend) here are some tried and true gift ideas that will make her holiday happy!

**Ladies, share this to your page as a hint, just in case. :)

1. Jewelry - Duh, but when picking a piece, look at what she already wears. Rings, necklaces, do her earrings dangle, or are they short? Pay attention and get her something not exactly like what she has, but along the same lines. And don't be afraid that popping the question during the holidays is too cliche. This is the perfect time of year if you're ready for that step!

2. Gift Cards - Now, I know some people will say this one isn't personal, but if you do it right, it's perfect. Pay attention to what stores she like, or the things she like to buy. Get her a gift card to that store and it shows not only that you know her well, but you've also given her the gift of shopping! And this is a pretty much guaranteed way to get her something you know she'll like!

3. Take Her Out - Plan a trip or just a special night out. Wrap up a ticket or gift card for a restaurant, and let her know what day you have reservations. Most ladies like to go places with their guy, or would love some mother/son bonding. Hey, take your sister to the movies. Either way, this works out!

4. Massage/Spa - You'll be hard pressed to find a lady who wouldn't like a massage or spa day. Maybe make it a couple's visit. Either way, you win!

5. Make Her Something - If you're handy or crafty at all, make her something! Maybe it's art, maybe you work with wood, maybe you cut out paper and made her a card. Whatever it is, if you took the time to create something just for her, she'll love it. Unless she's a Grinch.

6. New Phone/Gadget - Ladies like electronics too. Get her that new phone she's been talking about, or accessories for electronics, or a new game system. You know what she likes, don't be afraid of getting women the latest tech. We love that stuff!

7. Books - Yes, a lot of ladies still read books. Get her a nice hardback of a classic, or a new novel you think she'll love. Books are back, baby!

8. WINE! Unless she doesn't drink, or drink wine. If not, get her whiskey or gin, or whatever her drink of choice is. Get her a nice bottle, not just the $5 bottle. She'll LOVE it. And you can share it (if she's in a sharing mood). If she doesn't drink alcohol, this one won't quite work. I mean, you can buy her a nice bottle of Pepsi, but I don't think that will go over well. LOL!