In just 4 days, student workers at the University of Washington are set to strike for several work and school-related issues. The hottest topic being the $15 per hour they want to earn. Students are stating the funds are needed to address to rising cost living in Seattle, and paying for school. Opponents are saying that a raise like that can cause rise in tuition. Here are the full demands of the Academic Student Employees

  • "Freeze or reduce the cost of tuition/fees, as well as rent at Housing and Food Service facilities, for all UW undergraduate and graduate students
  • Pay all campus workers at least $15 per hour
  • Provide affordable and accessible childcare for all university staff, faculty, and students
  • Maintain or increase full-time levels for UW workers paid less than $100,000 annually and restore all custodial staff cut in 2008
  • Waive tuition payment requirements for all academically-mandated internships
  • Establish a Racial Equity Fund to allocate a pool of money to provide services of specific interest to minority communities
  • Provide more internet-accessible budget transparency"
  • Expand the direct power of students and non-administrative staff

Do you think these are reasonable, or should they just learn to make due with $11? Click here for more details.