You're sitting at home alone on the couch, watching Netflix, trying to fight off your cat while eating ice cream in your underwear. It's Saturday night. You keep checking your phone, but no one's calling, texting, hell even Snapchat is slow. Single life can seem bleak at times, but then something happens that restores our faith in our lack of partner.




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Now I know it's not good to find joy in the pain of others but mega hotties Halle Berry and her husband Oliver Martinez are calling it a day after just TWO years of marriage! TWO! For us singles we can be thankful that we're not going through a divorce, and take solace in the thought that if these two incredibly gorgeous, talented, and successful people can't make it work, we're not as dysfunctional as we may have thought.

Of course Hollywood relationships really shouldn't be the guidepost for marital bliss, but we can at least sleep a little bit better tonight knowing that pretty much no one can have it all. That and Oliver Martinez is back on the market. Anyone know where I can get his number...?