"Batman vs. Superman" director Zack Snyder leaked a photo onto Twitter yesterday of Ben Affleck as Batman and his new Batmobile. Take a look.

When I heard they were making a "Batman vs. Superman" movie I was really scared they were going to continue screwing up the character of Batman. Christian Bale did OK. Michael Keaton did OK. But there have been key things about Batman that have been screwed up since DAY 1. He was created in the comics and they should show homage or honor to that.

This first sneak peak of Ben Affleck as Batman is a very positive move in the right direction. My biggest complaint about past Batmans is they're too small. He's ginormous. So huge he scares the living s#it out of anyone who sees him. Affleck is not muscular, but he is tall. And the image gives the same impression as the Batman I remeber form the comics.

The Batman I remember from the comics also had small ears barely sticking out of the costume. And that made more sense to me. How are you supposed to do martial arts with big ears sticking out? Doesn't make any sense. Gotta think functional.

From the pic we can't see a lot of the Batmobile, but it does look like a mix of my two favorite Batmobiles, and that's gotta be a good thing.

They also got the time frame right. He's supposed to be much older -- toward the end of his career, when he comes in contact with Superman.