Stuck on where to go, or what to do for Valentine's Day? Here are some great local ideas for things to do!

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    We are super spoiled with so many great wineries all around us. And the best part about Valentines Day the wineries have wine and CHOCOLATE parings! Here are a few places getting sweet for the holiday:


    Col Solare


    High Towers

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    They say a couple that laughs together, stays together. Or, at least we're saying that! Take a break from the every day and laugh at the Sweethearts Comedy Soirée. Included in the evening are chocolates from Frost me Sweet, flowers from Arlene's Flowers, and hors d'eouvres. Plus, three amazing comedians to make you smile all night. It's going down at the Red Lion Inn Columbia Center. Get tickets there or on our site!

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    The weather is supposed to stay pretty nice for the weekend, so get outside! Take a hike. And to make it romantic, pack a picnic munch complete with champagne, chocolate, and yummy snacks.  Badger Mountain has trails open, or you can walk along the Columbia. Enjoy all the scenery of our beautiful area before it gets sweltering hot!

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    It's been a gloomy winter and the weather is just finally getting better. What better way to celebrate (and work off some of those extra holiday pounds you out on) than to go dancing!? Whether single or in a couple get out and have fun. When's the last time you got your groove on! Our recommendation? Join Raleigh at The Grizzly Bar in the Pasco Red Lion Inn. Heck, make a night of it and get a room!

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    What could be better than. Asking your own place a little sanctuary? Get some wine, food, and cuddle up to watch a movie or catch up on your fave TV show. Binge on romantic movies or watch and actions flick. As long as you're together, that's what matters