It is time to break out the BBQ and get to grilling your favorite meat! I was raised around the BBQ and have made it my hobby. I enjoy both grilling and slow cook BBQ but wither way you have to find good meat. There are a lot of options of both price and quality but here are some of the great places that I have found.

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    High Quality - High Price

    If I was going to get the best meat in town, I would go to either Templeman's Country Market or Knutzen's Meats. Both offer high quality meat but are pretty spendy. I have spent over $200 on a few racks of ribs there, but they were great!

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    Good Quality - High Price

    If you shop at Fred Meyer or Yokes, the meat is pretty good but still pretty expensive. Not as high priced as the local shops but the meat is not nearly as good. They do have pretty good seafood, but that is a different blog.

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    Good Quality - Fair Price

    These are the places that most of us buy our meats. Places like Safeway, Albertsons, and Rosauers that have pretty good quality meat at a pretty good price. They are usually easy to find and have a big variey. Try asking for specific cuts, they may have them in back.

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    Low Quality - Cheap Price

    Sometimes you need more quantity then quantity and if you go to these places you can get a lot of bang for your buck. Winco is for sure the cheapest and the quality can be good, but you have to know what your looking for. You can also get meat at Walmart and their baby back ribs are actually a good value. Watch for meat with high marbling here because the cuts are cheaper.

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