Friday the 13th only comes around every once in a while, so we should celebrate it holiday-style! Here's a list of some classic creepy movies (other than JUST Friday the 13th) to enjoy! I've got you covered from zombies and vampires, slashers and ghosts; kinda freaky to down right terrifying! Enjoy (if you dare)!


  • 1


    I saw this film waaaay before a kid should see it (thanks to a babysitter). But when I saw it later it held up. Good old fashioned haunting fun! A classic for sure.

  • 2

    A Nightmare On Elm Street

    Several films in this series are awesome. And several stink. Stick with the first three and I think you'll be good. FreDDT Krueger became a scary movie icon for a reason!

  • 3

    Dawn of the Dead

    I'm not usually a big advocate for remakes but this one is amazing. The zombies are scariest,and of course it's bloodier. Check it out, but get ready to cover your eyes on some of the kills.

  • 4

    Event Horizon

    Even in space, freaky things can find you! This was surprisingly frightening and even the guys I watched it with were freaked out (for days after we watched). Check out this underrated in space thriller, but you may want to leave a light or two on....

  • 5

    Cabin in the Woods

    From the mind of super-geek, Joss Whedon, this is more funny than scary, but it definitely has those "make you jump" moments. This one gets points for originality too. If you want a scare, but you're not in to all the blood and gore, this is the one for you.

  • 7

    28 Days Later

    ZOMBIES! I love the whole zombie genre because there are so many different takes on the creatures. In this one, they are super fast and SUPER scary! The movie (unlike a lot of scary movies) actually has a pretty cool and interesting plot and characters you care about. It's good all around!

  • 6


    Probably THE original film to be in a genre and make fun of it at the same time. You'll be laughing as much as screaming. Equal parts horror film, comedy, and teen flick, there are some pretty bloody scenes, but over all you'll enjoy this movie making fun of movies.

  • 8

    The Ring

    SCARY. AS. HELL. I still can't watch this one again. As many American horror films, this was taken from a Japanese story (and movie). I haven't seen the Japanese version, but I heard it was even scarier.

  • 9

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    BLOOD GORE DEATH AHHH! I didn't really like the re-make of this one, but a lot of people did. For me, the original is best, and it was groundbreaking for its day. NOT for the faint of heart. Total horror film.

  • 10


    Jamie Lee Curtis became the first scream queen in this classic. And Michael Meyers became a horror movie legend. The suspense of this movie it really the best part. Sometimes quiet is scarier than sound. Iconic.

  • 11

    30 Days of Night

    In my opinion, these are some of the scariest vampires of all time! No emotions, no souls, no sparkling, they're just MONSTERS. I love it. And set in the snows and remoteness of Alaska, it makes for a VERY frightening movie. It's based on graphic novels so check them out too. Very sad the sequel to this was so awful, but this one is awesome!

  • 12

    The Shining

    HEEEEEERRRRRE'S JOHNNY! Stephen King's novel made in to this eerie movie it VERY well done. Though, if you've read the novel, you know they changed some key things, but whatever. The film stands well on its own. REDRUM!

  • 13

    Friday the 13th