This video surfaced all over Facebook and Twitter today showing a very large group of fans arguing and then a huge fight breaks out!

It happened this last weekend at the 49er vs Cardinal game but the video was publish today.

I have watched the video a couple times now and I can't tell who originally started the fight because the video starts with them already pushing each other. I can tell you that as a fan of the NFL I am ashamed of what happens. This video is a prime example of why I choose not to sit in the upper level at NFL games. I have witnessed lots of scuffles and smaller fights as well as had a few bad encounters with other drunk and rowdy other Seahawks fans. Members of my own fan base wanted to fight with me and even tried to steal from me when I left to get food.

I have sat in the 100 level or lower level of Centurylink close to 15 times and have never witnessed anything like this. Most of the people I sit around have been season ticket holders for over 10 years and they have made experiencing Seahawks football very special for me.

If you can afford it, spend the little extra money and sit in the lower bowl. You will have more fun and you will avoid situations like this.

here is another example..

and another...

See a pattern?