Getty Images, Cindy Ord

Britney Spears' Las Vegas residency starts this December and everyone is wondering: will she sing or sync? A leaked memo from show insiders revealed she planned to lip sync the majority of her shows. Britney and her team are denying it completely. What's the truth? Does it matter?

  • she can't sing anyway.
  • people come to look at her, not listen to her
  • it depends on how much the tickets cost
  • my guess is all her concerts in the past (I haven't been to any) had a vocal track she sang under. So she'll really be singing, but along with the track.
  • for me, it's not a big issue

Conclusion: If I bought tickets to a performer with an amazing singing voice, I'd expect a live performance, but her shows are mostly about dancing and half her songs are auto-tuned anyway.

So, Britney, regardless of what you were hoping for, it looks like you'll: