Never mess with someone just over 80 years old. They came from a different time, where if someone got in your face you knocked them out. Yesterday I saw this video with Buzz Aldrin for the first time but was shot back in 2002 where this very thing happens.

If you have never heard of Buzz Aldrin, you need to educate yourself. Just look at the first paragraph of his Wiki page: "Buzz Aldrin (born Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr., January 20, 1930) is an American engineer and former astronaut, and the second person to walk on the Moon. He was the lunar module pilot on Apollo 11, the first manned lunar landing in history. He set foot on the Moon at 03:15:16 (UTC) on July 21, 1969, following mission commander Neil Armstrong. He is also a retired colonel in the United States Air Force (USAF) and a Command Pilot."

Basically, he is one of the most bad-ass Americans EVER and the guy in the video below harasses him by calling him a fraud to his face over and over again. Honestly I can't believe Buzz waited that long to knock him out. The funny thing is no charges where filed partly because that guy had tried the same thing with other Apollo astronauts trying to get a reaction. I hate people like this and think he deserved a lot worse then a punch in the jaw.

The lesson here is simple: Do not mess with a guy who has walked on the moon...period. He is a million times more bad-ass then you even if he is in his 80's! Buzz you are my hero.