We told you about a Seattle-area Chevrolet dealership that paid out $420,000 in a promotional contest after the Hawks shut out the Giants. Well, they wrote back:

I think you guys got mis-lead over there,   Oops ?  We were thrilled with the promotion,    All of us her at jet chev were rooting for the hawks the entire way,  As loyal hawks fans and season ticket holder since day one it couldn't have went any better.  Fiasco ??? not a chance,  This promo ran smooth as silk,   we had great insurance, ran it by the state gambling commission ,  check with several attorney,  for this promo,  komo TV, king tv  ect all here for the drawing.  Nothing but good came out of this for 12 lucky families.  We  can only hope we can do it again some time.  Your blog on your web page made it sound a little negative,   For a local family owned chevy store for 38 years, this was a big event for us.
just the facts
dan johnson
jet chevrolet


I'm surprised he wrote us. My reaction was, "Oh my God, he wrote me back! The Internet is a small place."