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Girls Took Over Howard Amon Park and It Was Awesome!!
Saturday, May 19th was all about the girls! Well, and their families, as Girls on the Run took over Howard Amon Park! Hundreds of ladies and fellas got together for a 5k run that celebrated the end of 10 weeks of training for the run. And Girls on the Run is not just about the running, but team buil…
So Much Going On This Weekend, Tri-Cities!
Another weekend, and more fun to be had in the TC. I'll get right to the point. Here's a list of things go get in to this weekend! Have fun!
Girls on the Run Spring 5K Race 2018-  Join us (Raleigh will be there!) for our end-of-season 5K to help our 500+ girls celebrate! Fa…
Friend of Victim Spots Stolen Truck 4 Blocks Away in Kennewick
A man had his truck stolen from the Fred Meyer parking lot in Kennewick, only to have a friend spot the truck 4 blocks away, alerting the police, and getting his truck back!
When the victim saw his maroon 1994 Chevrolet long bed pickup drive away, I am sure he thought it was gone for good..…

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