Wine Divas

Permission For Red Mountain Trail Has Been Denied!
Friends Of Badger Mountain recently asked for 20 feet of walking space on either side of a yet-to-be-created trail on Red Mountain.
Owners of a Red Mountain vineyard said no. Of all the landowners needed to grant permission, only 1 out of the 5 said no...
Snowed In? If You’ve Got Wine, You’ll Be Fine!
So. Much. Snow! So what's a Wine Diva to do when you can't get out to wine taste and explore the treasures of wine country? Have fun with wine in the snow! The Tri-Cities Wine Divas checked in to show us a fun way to chill wine and measure all that snowfall...
Who Knew Wine in a Can at a Baseball Game?
Tri-Cities Wine Diva's attended a Tri-City Dust Devils game recently and were honored to throw the 1st pitch at the August 5th 2016 game vs  Boise which by the way the Dust Devils won in the 10th 3-2

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