Remember the days when people settled family disputes in private? Yeah, me neither. Because it seems these days everyone is super-quick to put everything about themselves on social media. And if you're a celebrity, it seems like you're even MORE likely to talk smack about your ex EVERYWHERE! Earlier this year Future, Ciara's ex and father of her baby, hopped on Twitter to let everyone know that she's a control freak and he pays her $15,000 per month in child support, and she's basically evil. He also went on the radio in LA and said that a photo that surfaced with Russell Wilson pushing his and Ciara's baby in a carriage was a publicity stunt and to leave his kid out of it.

So what has Ciara done in response? She just hit him with a $15 million lawsuit for slander (for calling her a bad mother etc. in public) and claiming that he pays $15k per month in child support, which she claims is not true. BAM! No word from either of their PR teams, but I'm thinking this will probably be settled out of court, and hopefully OFF Twitter.