Jurassic World opened up to one of the biggest movie openings in history! So the movie that big you know there's got to be some fan fiction theories about what's going on in the film and the characters. On Reddit I found a theory where one person thought the annoying chubby kid from Jurassic Park ended up going up to become Chris Pratt character, Owen, in Jurassic World. In case you don't remember the kid in question here is a video clip to remind you:

While there's no real evidence to support this theory other than speculation it kind of makes sense. The little kid was taught to respect velociraptors and in Jurassic world the character talks about respecting them. Also the kid is the right age. in Jurassic Park he was about 13 or 14 which was 22 years ago so now he'd be about 35 which is Chris Pratt's age. Though it's probably just a fun fair and theory, if it's not, I gotta say puberty was good to that kid!