Winter is not exactly my favorite time of the year, what can I say, I'm a summer girl. I love that there's so much more you can do during summer time, the sunshine, the events, outdoor activities, Sunday family gatherings. That is probably my favorite part about summer. Something just feels right about getting together with the most important people in your life on the best day of the week eating the best food on the planet! I speak for a majority of Mexicans when I say carne asada and a warm Sunday afternoon/evening go hand in hand right? I never get tired of it either. If I were to invite you to one of my Sunday family gatherings, this is exactly what you will see 98% of the time. In fact, I'm quite confident you'll see this in MOST Mexican family gatherings, not just mine. Correct me if I'm wrong.

1. Carne asada: and of course everything that goes with it. Mom's home made salsa, lime, pico de gallo, grilled tortillas, rice and beans. Not anything surprising right? Delicious though!

2. Beer: well what's any Mexican family gathering if there's not a case of beer in the cooler? Mainly Corona's. (I personally prefer Mike's Hard Lemonade).

3. Volleyball: teams are made up of uncles, cousins, siblings, parents and friends. I can prove that a majority of Mexican families play this sport at family get togethers. During summer time take a stroll through Chiawana Park, every where you look you'll see  mexican family playing volleyball, making carne asada with family and friends. Correct me if I am wrong.

Scott Olson