Dog and puppy owners beware if you're taking a trip to Seattle.  A strong new dog flu has hit King County. H3N2 is a new strain of dog virus that has hit 25 states, and recently popped up in the Seattle area. There have been reports from kennels and doggy daycare facilities of many pets coming in very sick. The good news is, that vets have created new treatment, and the earlier you get your pup in the vet, the better.

Symptoms are cough, runny nose, and fever, so if your fur baby is showing these sings, it's best to get him or her into the vet ASAP.  The flu can't be spread to humans, but a human who has been in contact with a dog with the virus CAN carry it, and give it to another dog. It can also be spread to kitties as well, but it's much less common.  Puppies and dogs with lower immune systems are at highest risk of death from this strain if left untreated, but the mortality rate is low (less than 10%).

So make sure if you're traveling in the area to wash your hands when in contact with pets, and if you have a dog (especially a pup or low-immune system pet) try to keep them away from other dogs and common areas (dog parks) as much as you can.