Downtown Kennewick has been suffering for a while. Empty store fronts, and lingering business dot downtown in a sparse pattern of dismay. But hopefully, that will be changing soon. There's a new executive director of the Historic Downtown Kennewick Partnership, Dan Smith, who has stated that he is eager to revitalize downtown. The key, he says, to restoring downtown back to it's previous glory is building relationships with local businesses.

"That’s where building relationships comes into play," Smith said. It means meeting with business owners about the issues they’re facing, talking to landlords about how best to keep tenants in their buildings and working with public agencies and government officials on overall economic development. - Seattle Times

This all sounds good, but can Dan deliver? Mr. Smith starts his new post Dec. 1, so only time will tell, but hopefully his fresh set of eyes will lead to new successes! Let's help the man out: what kind of businesses do YOU think would lead people back to Historic Downtown Kennewick?