Something tells me that this new product Leah and I read about this morning is nothing but a prank to get attention. Supposedly a company called Osmosis Skincare has made a new product that protects you from the sun after you incest it. They say that if you put a small amount of this UV Blocker in water, and magically you will be protected from the sun like wearing 30 spf suncreen.

When I go to their site however, there is absolutely no information about the product except a picture on the front page that looks like advertising. When you click on the picture, it brings you to a store locator page, not to a page explaining the product. I even went to all the online retailers and could find no mention of this new 'miracle product'.

The only thing I can think, is that this is a marketing ploy. They know that people are going to check out their page because of the buzz about this new 'fake' product. Just like one of the local radio stations in town, I hope they learn that lying just to get attention is not a good thing.