To celebrate 10 years of giving people the ability to broadcast their narcissism to the world, the company has unveiled a new feature: the Look Back video. It takes your own photos, videos and updates and assembles them into a montage to share... you guessed it, on Facebook.Supposedly the feature helps you celebrate your time on Facebook, but it essentially shows you stuff you already knew was there... because you put it there.

In truth, the Look Back video is designed to be shared. Just in case any of your friends and family missed that one photo of your cat you took six years ago, or that video from the frat party you forgot was there and should have removed immediately after graduating.

Maybe it's a conspiracy theory! Perhaps when you ask Facebook to make your Look Back video you inadvertently give it permission to hand your info over to the NSA!

Happy Birthday Facebook and congratulations on being one of the most successful companies of the century!