I said before I was buying "Seattle Seahawks: Road to XLVIII" and now I have it. It's everything I hoped it would be (all three playoff games -- in their entirety -- including the Super Bowl) and not a thing more (no special features included). But my favorite feature of the Blu-ray disc is what makes this the perfect gift for Father's Day.The three games are split into chapters and plays! That's right, you can find your favorite plays to show your friends! The Richard Sherman block on Crabtree, the bad start to the Super Bowl, the moment when Drew Brees almost made a c

omeback -- find it on the menu and go straight to it. (See photo below)

This makes it incredibly easy to analyze each player's performance and the plays they were running! I can't imagine a more useful tool for an aspiring athlete -- or someone who can't get enough of the team's brilliance (like myself).

I mentioned there's no special features. There's also no pre-game show or singing of the national anthem or even Joe Namath's horrible coin toss. Each game starts with the kick-off. And because it's a TV broadcast, it's possible some seconds or minutes of the game are missing -- but none that I found.

If your father, grandfather, husband, son or nephew would enjoy re-watching the Seahawks' road to the Super Bowl, this disc set for about $45 is worth its weight in gold.