Ex Seattle Seahawks receiver Golden Tate finally addressed the rumors that surrounded him when he left the Seahawks last year. Published yesterday on the website medium.com, I read the whole thing but I am not really sure I believe him completely.

You can read the whole blog here, but basically he says that none of the rumors were true. He never cheated with Russell Wilson's wife and he says he was never punched by Percy Harvin either. His reasons for believeing him sound suspect to me, but you should read it and come to your own conclusions.

My biggest question for him would be, why wait until now? If all the rumors were not true then why not say this a year ago? Also why doesn't Wilson come out and squash the rumors if they were not true. He has been asked point blank but will only say the he loves Golden Tate. There is something being said loudly by not saying anything until now in my eyes.