Halloween is this Friday and if you do not have a costume yet, you are one of the people I am talking about. I have the hardest time deciding on what costume I want to be for Halloween because nothings seems good. It can be a pain in the arse to come up with good ideas, so are five Halloween costume ideas that are easy to pull off!

-"William In A Box" Wearable Costume- You might get arrested if you actually have someone you don't know open the box. Just be careful who you let open your present. If you have a smaller package, use a smaller box.

-"Hello My Name Is" Costume- This costume is as easy as buying the name tags and sticking them all over your body. Pick whatever name you want, or pick multiple names.

-Goldfinger Costume- This is one of the easist of the whole list. Just get gold makeup or gold paint and paint one finger gold. You are now "Goldfinger"!

-TP Mummy Costume- You might need some help with this costume and it will not hold up if it is raining, but it is easy. Buy a roll of TP and cover your whole body with it. Done!

-Sheet Ghost Costume- This is one of the oldest costumes in the book, but also one of the easist. If is so cleshe that it might actually get complements. Buy any old white sheet, cut two holes for your eyes, and put it over your head.