You may have heard something in the news about Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, Canada. He's in trouble for smoking crack and he's refusing to resign. He says he can still do his job well, so why quit? If you've been a little confused, watch this video to get caught up.

This isn't the video of him smoking crack, but it is an example of his behavior that's landed him in hot water:

It surprises me, but then again it doesn't. Think of how many mayors and governors we've heard about the last couple years who have been corrupt. But it surprises me someone in that position would admit on camera to wanting to blow someone's head off and smoking crack cocaine. As someone who's semi in the limelight, I can only imagine what a video like that would do to my career, let alone his. It takes gaul and stupidity to say those things, even if they're true, because it's professional suicide.