This weekend is Boat Race weekend, and everyone around the office (and in the Tri-Cities) is stoked! It's my first ever time, so I went around the office to ask advice from the experts! Here's what they say I need to have the best time EVER! Check out what they had to say and see if you agree! Can't wait to see you there!


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    Whether drinking or not, make sure to drink plenty of water. Since you'll be outside in the sun all day, your body will need the H20, and if you're drinking, you'll need it even more!

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    Apply early, and apply often. Again, that sun will be hot, and your skin will thank you for the protection. Make sure you have sunscreen on hand at least SPF 15.

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    If you're floating in the river, make sure you have someone with you at all times. Tie up together and watch each other. Make sure you have proper floaty devices too. Have fun, but safety first!

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    If you're 21+ this is definitely a boozey event! Have fun with adult beverages, but make sure to eat something! You won't last the whole day if you're just drinking, and, of course, you can make yourself really sick. So make sure to have a snack with that margarita!

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    You can say bye bye to those flip flops if you attempt to walk in the water with them. Make sure you have sandals that strap on and can protect your feet from rocky beaches, and/or drunk people dropping things on your toes. Crocs work, but if you're worried about fashion, there are plenty of choices!

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    Again with the booze, take it easy and don't over-do it early because you won't have fun the whole day. Also, make sure if you ARE drinking that you have designated drivers, a taxi, or shuttle of some kind to get you home safely.

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    Check Out EVERYTHING!

    Yes, the boat racing is great, but make sure to check out all the activities during the event. Vintage boats, different tents and vendors. There's so much to do and see, make sure you check out more then just one thing!