Ahh, the Urban Dictionary. The place you go when you hear a new slang term and you don't want to look like an idiot for not knowing it (or using it wrong). Not only can you look up slang terms, you can also look up places and people. We got curious about what the definition of what each of the TriCites were, so we looked them up! Not gonna lie, we were laughing for a while! I posted the top definitions below (there are more to check out on the site), and edited for language, but for the full versions click here! Do you agree with the definitions or should we suggest some re-writes?

sweetest place EVER. Part of the Tri-Cities (also known as the Dry Sh*tties or Dry Schneeze) in South Eastern Washington. Wine and boating? Who can go wrong?
I live in Kennewick.
Pasco is the city that dominates in the tricities. Even though the other cities, (ie Kennewick, Richland, etc.) try their hardest to give Pasco a bad reputation, Pasco always comes out on top. Students in Pasco have a better understanding of the real world. A good motto for Pasco High School would be, "talk shit, get hit". And I'm sure people from other schools wouldn't be able to handle it. Also, Pasco is getting really nice houses in different parts. Pasco is just the best all around place to live in.
everyone loves Pasco
A city (part of the Tri-Cities) with a deceiving name. While you may expect mansions and fancy cars and Mexicans mowing lawns fenced by white picket, you get there and think, "Hey! This place kind of looks like sh*t!" I love Richland.
That's not a mansion! That's a house with chipped paint and yellow grass! How lovely. Go Richland!
Have you seen Napoleon Dynamite? This is the Tri-Cities in a snap-shot, however, we were blessed with better clothes. Tri-Cities, Washington is comprised of three small towns: Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco. Kennewick is known as the town with a low crime rate, Pasco as the one with the barrios however also housing the richest of the rich along the Columbia River, and Richland is there in the middle (reg. crime, nicer houses than Kennewick). However the most interesting part about this little city is the 3 basic job categories: Illegal Mexican immigrant/druggie, Farmer, or Government worker(the Tri-Cities has one of the largest rates of PhD's per capita in WA). Not exactly Tiny-Town, U.S.A. considering that during the Cold War the Hanford Nuclear Reservation made (and managed to spill most of) the Plutonium used to manufacture nuclear weaponry. We don't need flash lights since the berries along the river shine with a lime green radioactive light. Not to be totally negative, I'd have to say that the farmers raise us a BEAUTIFUL crop of teenage boys. At Clearwater and Columbia Center Bldv. is our local skyscraper, topping a monumentous 4 stories. Referred to commonly as "The Flash Cube", this building resembles an olden-days camera flash cube. But possibly my favorite tourism site, is our dinosaur population. Out in a field in Pasco, lives out resident Brachiosaurus. Towering over the small rural road like a scarecrow over the wheat-feilds and pig sties of the area. Granted, this dino is just plastic, but honestly, how many towns can boast they they have a 10foot "scare-crow"? Normal little town? I think not.
The Tri-Cities...(insert line from Napoleon Dynamite here)