This last Saturday, I went to my first Fever football game at the Toyota Center. I wasn't sure what to expect at first because I had never gone to a Fever game before, but I ended up having too much fun! Aj and I got to experience this last game from up close. We were so close it felt like we were literally on the field, which can be a bit of a scary thing as there is no out of bounce in this game so sometimes players will come flying at ya. I saw a few people get hit by either a player or the ball, so you def have to be careful. I was extremely close to catching a ball that was headed my way until I realized there was a player running right behind that football at full speed. It's a good thing I didn't attempt to catch that ball after all because that player came flying right over the rail to where we were standing. Overall though, it was a blast and I definitely want to go again!

Tri-Cities Fever Football
Game Kick Off


Leah, Aj and Friends at the Fever game vs. Colorado Ice