Everyone is still talking about the 2nd and 1 interception at the end of Super Bowl 49, but I don't think we lost the game on that play. There was still a chance and if our defense had kept their wits about them we might have still won the Championship. Don't believe me, hear me out.

After the interception, the Patriots had the ball on the half yard line and were too close to the end zone to just down the ball and end the game. Both teams lined up and our defense jumped off sides just giving the Patriots 5 yards and the ability to end the game. The crazy thing is I don't think they were EVER going to snap the ball on that down. They were trying to get our defense to jump off sides and it worked.

The Patriots did not have to hike it because if they got a penalty they only loose about 2 inches and would line up and then run a play if they had too. They knew that our defense had been jumping off-sides all season and went out on the field with no intention of running a play on that down. If you watch they had multiple hard counts and were almost out of time before we jumped off-sides and gave them the win. If we hold strong and don't fall for their ruiz, we have a chance to get a safety, grab 2 points, and get the ball back on around the 50 yard line with about 15 seconds to go and 1 time out.

That is how the greatest Super Bowl of all time should have ended.