We've been wishing, waiting, hoping and praying, the the Gilmore Girls gods have spoken! The long-awaited Gilmore Girls revival, Gilmore Girls: Year Year in the Life will be out November 25th and we couldn't be more excited!I If you're hosting a GG event, there are a few things you're going to need to make it a true Gilmore party. No, we're not talking the world's biggest pizza (though kudos if you can do it), but we are talking the little things we loved seeing throughout the run of the show that Lorelei and Rory would love! Use some, or use them all, but your GG party will make you the talk of Stars Hollow, or wherever you call home! COPPER BOOM!


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    Yellow Dasies

    In what has to be one of the most romantic marriage proposals EVAR Max sent Lorelei 1000 yellow daisies. It was a magical moment in the show even though we know they didn't end up together. Make sure this cute little flower, and other GG decor makes an appearance at your party. True fans will understand and LOVE IT!

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    Gilmore Speak

    One of the best things about the Gilmore Girls is Gilmore-Speak. You know, all those cute little phrases and -isms that have become inside jokes and great quotes for GG fans! Get mini chalkboard signs and have your guests write their fave little phrases on them. It will be a fun way to get things going for the fiesta! Oy, with the poodles already!

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    The Rory (and a well-stocked drink cart)

    Remember when Emily threw Rory her 21st birthday party? She even had her own drink: the Rory! While the actual drink was pretty gross (it even tasted pink), you can create your own signature drink for the event. Maybe even the Kirk. Not sure what that would consist of, but maybe sticking with a Rory would be good. Either way, a well-stocked drink cart was a must at every Friday Night Dinner, so it's a must at your event.

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    One of the most incredible attributes of our beloved Gilmores is their ability to eat pretty much ANYTHING and still keep those fabulous figured. In real life, they would be medical miracles, but those ladies knew how to put it away, so we must too! Fries, burgers, Chinese food, pizza, cereal, and of course, Pop Tarts are a must! So let that diet go for one day (and hit the treadmill like a crazy person the next) and binge on all your fave junk foods! (This gets the Lorelei stamp of approval for sure!)

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    Gilmore Clothes

    Have your guests dress like their fave Gilmore character. It can be as simple as Luke's backward's cap and plaid shirt, to matching power suits like Emily and Lorelei wore in the fashion show. If you're getting totally insane, you can have a Quentin Tarantino-themed party like Rory attended at Yale, but that may be too much for some of your pals. Unless you're all as die-hard as I am!

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    Gilmore Trivia Game

    If you're watching all for of the Gilmore mini-movies in one day (applause for your awesomeness) you'll probably need a break in between. Create a GG trivia game and have your pals play for silly prizes or just bragging rights. There are plenty of ways to find fun trivia about GG all over the web. Just don't make it too hard, this isn't Chilton, after all!

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    Gilmore Favors

    Depending on how much you love your friends (and how much money you want to spend) get some cute GG favors for your crew to take home. Pinterest, Etsy, and a host of other sites have great GG gift ideas ranging from $5 to well, skies the limit! Emily would approve of your spending, but maybe leave the glass apples out. (PS here's the link to buy that cute mug in the photo).