Fellas, you're right. Girls, we are perhaps the most complicated species on earth! We're indecisive, complicated, emotional, dramatic and the list goes. We no longer need to deny it ladies, we know deep down it's true. I'll be honest for us all!

Guy's, here's a few phrases that'll help you decode what women say and know what we really mean:

  • 'We need' = 'I want'
  • 'Do what you want' = 'You'll pay for this later'
  • 'We need to talk' = 'I need to complain'
  • 'I'm not upset' = 'Of course I'm upset'
  • 'I'll be ready in a minute' = 'I'll be ready in an hour'
  • 'Do you love me?' = 'I'm going to ask for something expensive'
  •  'You have to communicate with me' = 'Just agree with me'
  • 'Yes' = 'No'
  • 'No' = 'No'
  • 'Maybe' = 'No'
  • 'I'm sorry' = 'You'll be sorry'
  • 'I like you but….' = 'I don't like you'
  • 'I just don't want a boyfriend right now' = 'I don't want (you as a) boyfriend'
  • 'I don't really mind where we eat' = '...As long as it's a place I've already decided on'
  • 'Nothing, forget it' = 'You better figure out what you did wrong'
  • 'Can you help me with my homework' = 'If I keep whining, the fool will do it for me'
  • 'I think we should stay friends' = 'I am trying to cut you out of my life gradually'

Read between the female lines! This is what we really mean.