Nothing is worse than being sick, except being sick when you're single. No one to make you soup, tuck you in, or hold your clammy hands. It's miserable on top of miserable. However, we singletons must carry on! Here are some tips on how to make your sick days a bit less awful when you're on your own.

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    During winter months be like the squirrels: have a stock pile. Meds, canned goods, frozen food. Because the last thing you want to do when you're sick is take a trip to the store. If you have plenty of the basics, you'll be at least set for a day or two before you have to brave the out of doors. And all those looks you get walking around Target looking like a zombie.


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    The only good thing about being home sick is getting to watch all the TV and movies you've been wanting to catch up on! Grab some soup, a blankey, and curl up in front of the tube. Let your body recover, while your mind is occupied with your fave fictional characters!

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    Pillows, and Blankets, and Throws Oh My!

    This may seem silly, but it's not. Make sure you have a lot of extra blankets and pillows around. You probably won't be sleeping well, and you don't have anyone around to give you a big hug, so give yourself a hug. Brace yourself with pillows, and make yourself a human burrito with tons of blankets. It will help you stay warm, comfortable, and let's be honest, it's kinda fun!

    Le Beanock
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    Grab Your Fur Baby

    Even though there are no humans around, your fuzzy buddies will be super happy you're home! Snuggle up with your pup or kitty (in that blanket burrito you just made) and enjoy their love and warmth. They can't make you soup, or run to the store to get you o.j., but they can put a smile on your pasty, miserable face.

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    I know it's a crazy notion in the days of Netflix, XBOBX, iPads and smart phones, but reading a book is a great way to spend a sick day! Not only are you keeping your mind on the book and off the fact that you're home alone and sick as a dog, but it's good for you! AND it will help you sleep. Unless you're reading Gone Girl, then you'll just be on the edge of your seat. But still, take time to unplug and read a book. You'll be happy you did!

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    Comfort Food

    No, mom can't be there to fix your childhood faves, but you're a big girl (or boy) now, and you can do it yourself. Food may not actually cure your cold, but raising your spirits is important for healing. Tomato soup and grilled cheese, chicken noodle soup, toast and peanut butter, whatever food peps up your inner child, make it and enjoy! You need energy for your body to repair itself and honestly, sometimes you just need some delicious grub!

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    Take A Bath

    Your love life may not be hot and steamy, but draw yourself a bath that is. The heat will soothe your aching body, and help you sweat out the sickness. Plus, it's a nice way to relax and help you sleep. Use lavender, or some other mellow scented bath salts or oil and indulge. Your whole body will be happy you did!

    Stern McCaffery