Let's be honest for a minute ladies, you know if you are attracted to a guy right away. You instantly either put him in the 'creeper closet' or 'your bed' in your mind without him even saying a word. That does not guarantee he can 'perform' in the bedroom however, but I have tips for you to tell just by looking at him.

I saw this article on the Stir, but I don't agree with all the points so I'll just give you the ones I think work.

-He talks with his hands-A guy that talks with his hands is very expressive and can be 'creative' in the bedroom. He also is used to moving them a lot so he won't get cramps easy!

-He smells good-I am not talking about the cologne he wears, I am talking about his 'natural smell'. You may not be able to test this right away, but I know that body chemistry has a lot to do with attraction. If you think he stinks, you can never get past that.

-He bites his nails-You might think, what does this have to do with anything. As long as he maintains the hang nails so they don't poke you in the wrong places, this is a good thing. It shows that he pushes boundaries and is not worried about social norms and may be more adventurous.

-He is not traditionally handsome-It is widely known that a regular looking guy will work harder to please a women because he doesn't have women throwing themselves at him. He appreciates the womanly attention and will reward you, where a 'hot' guy has girls everywhere. This is probably the most important tip of all.

So ladies, when you complain that there are no good men around, I would say that you are looking in the wrong place...or for the wrong things!