Santa is magical. Christmas is magical. So why not ask for magic? That's how a 3-year-old thinks. When I had to break the truth to her, her Christmas was almost ruined. I had to talk her off the ledge. She had the trembling lip out.

What did my daughter want from Santa? A live ballerina. Not a doll -- a live, dancing ballerina.

When she woke up at 7 a.m. and didn't see anyone in our living room, she assumed Santa had not come yet.

I had to break it to her.

"Santa will not bring you ANYTHING you want. He'll bring you most of what you want, but not just anything."

I knew we were in trouble when she sat on Santa's lap and she said a ballerina. Santa gave me a look. My wife said not to worry about  it.

Technically, what she wanted was a magical music box with a dancing ballerina who turns into a real ballerina.

Once she understood, Christmas went pretty good.