The last movie I aaw was... I don't really remember. Wait, I watched "The Dark Knight Rises" two weeks ago. I watch maybe one movie a month, if that. I just can't get into them for some reason. I used to watch movies a lot growing up with my siblings -- comedy films like "The New Guy," "Finding Nemo," etc. But lately... if I watch movies it has to be based on a true story, or realistic. I lose interest because it's not real. I wish I liked movies. If I watch any type of television, it's documentaries or based on real events. I just think they're a waste of time, really.

ALL THE TIME people say, "You've never seen _________!?" When I watch films, it's because a friend MAKES ME. Before "Dark Knight" a friend made me watch "Avatar."

So make me a list, what films MUST I watch. It HURTS YOU to think of someone walking around having not seen a particular film. If you know any non-fiction/documentary/realism films you'd think I'd enjoy, now's the time to speak up.